What are Cookies?
Cookies are little text files that are sent when visiting an internet page and are stored in a user’s browser. In case the respective internet page is accessed once again, the user’s browser sends back the content of the cookies and, thus, allows for the recognition of the user. Certain cookies are automatically deleted upon ending the browser session (so-called session cookies), others are saved for a set time or permanently in the user’s browser and delete themselves thereafter (so-called temporary or persistent cookies).

Which Files are Saved in the Cookies?
Cookies generally do not contain personal data, but instead only an online ID.

How can you Avoid the Usage of Cookies or Delete Cookies?
You can deactivate the storage of cookies through your browser settings and you may delete cookies that have already been saved in your browser at any time (see following technical explanations). Please take note that this online offer might not be functional without cookies or the functionality might be reduced.

Please be further advised that refusing to allow the creation of usage profiles partially works through „opt out cookies“. In case you delete all cookies, an objection might, under certain circumstances, no longer be considered or be valid and would have to be restated.

Technical explanations to delete cookies:

What Cookies do we use?

Cookies Strictly Necessary for a Service
Some cookies are strictly necessary so we can host our online offer safely. This category includes, e.g.,

Cookies which serve the purpose of identifying or authenticating our users;
Cookies that temporarily store certain user entries
Cookies that remember certain user preferences

Analytics Cookies
We use analytics cookies to record and statistically evaluate our users’ usage behavior (e.g., clicked ad banners, visited subpages, search queries asked).

Third Party Advertising Cookies
We also allow other companies to gather data from our users using advertising cookies. This allows us and third parties to show interest-based advertisements to the users of our online offer, which are based on an analysis of their usage behavior e.g., clicked ad banners, visited subpages, search queries) in general and not restricted to our online offer.