Heart Gallery ceramic hearts

Handmade. Think with your heart.
A ceramic heart from the Heart Gallery collection is an original, three-dimensional message, created with a unique production technique. In fact, it does not have unglazed points or surfaces, as usually happens to the parts that rest on the ceramic oven surface.
A Heart Gallery heart is cared for and colored on each side. You can hang it or place it as you like, it will always be nice to see and touch.

Each heart is handmade in selected artisan workshops , where earth, water and fire materialize in a small masterpiece of art and design: a precious product in pure Italian ceramic .

The production cycle is environmentally sustainable , starting from the land of controlled origin, to ovens powered by photovoltaic panels. A simple and loving contribution to a lifestyle that is not only more creative, but also more ecological.

Material: Ceramic

Dimensions:  12×6.5x12h cm



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